The Science

Some say that parenting is an art, not a science.
We say: why not both?

Bramble was founded on the importance of strong parent-child relationships. We set off with the ultimate goal of your relationship with your child in mind, because we know the importance of secure attachment in your child’s development.

Attachment theory, first theorised by Bowlby in his seminal psychiatric work with children, describes the nature of enduring bonds between parents and children. Research shows that these parent-child bonds are not only predictive of a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development, but also a protective against aggressive behaviour, mental illness, and delinquency later in life.

Of the many active ingredients that go into building this strong parent-child relationship, Bramble is focusing on one in particular: communication. We want to help you have conversations that bring you and your children closer together.

Drawing from the work of esteemed child psychologists such as Dr. Haim Ginott and Dr. John Gottman, Bramble believes in the importance of empathy and feelings in the process of communication. When you communicate with empathy, you nurture your children’s ability to express and regulate their feelings healthily, equipping them with social and emotional skills as they grow up and become more independent.

That being said, there's a difference between knowing and doing. Actually talking about your feelings can feel new, awkward, or uncomfortable. What more, forming habits and getting rid of old ones isn't easy. That's where Bramble comes in! We're here to bridge the gap between expert knowledge and your everyday life.

We combine key elements from communication – ranging from Gottman’s Emotion Coaching, to Collaborative Problem Solving, and Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication – and translate them into a guided conversation format that provides safety and opportunity for deep connection. We use machine learning to understand exactly what you need to move forward in your conversation, highlighting the most relevant theories and strategies for you in an easy-to-read and ready-to-practice form.

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