Personalised Notes

March 11, 2020

Introducing… Personalised Notes!

This is a brand new feature we’ve launched on our app, which allows parents to access notes written especially for them from the convenience of their Bramble home.

The idea of writing Personalised Notes was conceived a few months ago, with the hope of providing parents with an outside-conversation guide to theories and tips they can make use of during their conversations. We realised that a parent’s best efforts in conversation were supported greatly by a deeper understanding of the underlying principles behind what they were saying and how to say it.

Our notes draw from the literature and research that inspire Bramble’s content, such as the work of Haim Ginott, John Gottman, and Marshall Rosenberg. Written just for you by your personal Bramble Buddy, each Personalised Note breaks down your most recent conversations, identifies areas of growth, and offers you tips for your next conversation.

Personalised Notes are an exclusive feature of our Bramble Basics Programme (BBP). Members of the BBP use Bramble weekly over 8 weeks, and this partnership allows us to become better acquainted with their families, so as to provide high quality individualised comments for their specific goals and challenges.

Click here to find out more about our Bramble Basics Programme, or click here to reach out to our co-founder Shao Yuan! You can also download Bramble on the App Store or Google Play to read a preview of Personalised Notes.

But wait… we aren’t done yet!

Frame 1.png

What you’re looking at is our cork board full of research, ideas, and rough sketches. Every tool you see in Bramble goes through the rigorous but exhilarating design process of research, conceptualisation, and design before it is built for testing.

Watch this space to learn more about the importance of reflective practice. In the meantime, wishing everyone a healthy and fun March holiday!

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