Our First Workshop!

December 5, 2019

After weeks of planning and preparation, this Tuesday and Wednesday, Bramble held our very first parent-child communication workshop at Brahm Centre! The workshop’s theme was emotionally connected conversations, which is one pillar of a strong parent-child relationship.


Over the course of two evenings, 8 families joined us to explore how we can identify and express feelings, as well as how to respond with empathy to someone else’s feelings. Yuan, Min, and Bern were group facilitators for this workshop and had the privilege of interacting with the parents and children individually and in small groups.

We kicked off our first evening with a “Feelings Bingo” icebreaker, during which parents and kids alike got to know one another and discover how our feelings are something we all have in common. Recognising the universality of emotions helps put them into perspective, as we realise that even the most difficult feelings can create pathways for empathy and bonding.

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Over our 2 sessions together, we watched clips from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch as well as Inside Out in order to put our feeling-finder eyes to the test. We also introduced our workshop participants to our Emotion Cards, which helped them to identify feelings for the characters on screen, as well as for themselves when they practised sharing stories from their own lives using the cards.

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During our second session, we focused on how to show empathy in a conversation, exploring the different ways that parents may choose to respond to their child’s feelings. These are just some of the slides we shared at our workshop (complete with our signature Bramble illustrations!).

We not only walked through helpful tips for parents, but also took the opportunity to reflect on common “Yellow Cards” that parents tend to fall trap to when communicating with their kids. The goal here was not to make parents feel guilty or ashamed, but to consider within the safe space of our workshop what practices they would like to pick up, and which ones they would like to consciously avoid in their conversations with their kids.

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This workshop was a wonderful way for us to get to know parents and kids, to share resources with them, and find out how we can support them better. We would like to thank Brahm Centre for graciously hosting us and lending us their premises! And of course, a huge thank you to these awesome families for choosing to spend some time with Bramble learning about feelings.

This was our first, but it definitely won’t be our last! If you’re keen to hear out more about our future programmes, feel free to contact us at info@letsbramble.com and subscribe to our newsletter.

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