Hey! What's the Big Idea?

October 10, 2019

Hi there! Welcome to our Bramble Blog. We’re so excited to use this space to take you along on our journey! For our very first blog post, we want to tell you all about the Big Idea behind Bramble.  

Unlike the creators of other parenting blogs, the people behind Bramble aren’t some experienced parents – we’re a team of experienced big kids! We’re kids whose lives have been shaped by our own relationships with our parents, and who believe in the power of communication to deepen and strengthen relationships.

At the same time, we’re kids who have passed through the rigorous Singaporean education system — we know the woes of a jam-packed schedule. Between school, extracurricular activities, extra-extracurricular activities, homework, and trying to hang out with friends, there aren’t exactly free slots in our calendars for conversations, emotions, or conversations about emotions.

Our feelings seem like obstacles we have to jump over or run around so that we can check everything off our never-ending to-do lists. Having to talk about them can feel even more awkward, difficult, or totally pointless.

Yet, emotions come naturally and immediately to us. We can’t stop them! Feelings are the first things that pop into our heads and sometimes take over our bodies, which is exactly why at Bramble, we’re choosing to pay attention to them.

Communicating about emotions is essential to any relationship, and it’s about way more than just talking or messaging. It’s a combination of speaking honestly, listening with an open mind, trying your best to understand one another, and learning new things about the other person along the way. We believe that these conversations help us see the world through our parents’ or our kids’ eyes — shifting our perspective and stepping into their world brings us closer to them with each try.

Bramble doesn’t see emotions as problems — we see them as opportunities. Our goal is to help you seize those opportunities through honest conversations with your kids.

And that’s our Big Idea!

There are a hundred different things that parents do to build healthy relationships with their kids: daily conversations in the car, helping kids with their homework, sharing meals every night, watching movies together… the list goes on and on! Our parents go out of their way every day to do what’s best for us, hoping that we’ll grow up to be balanced and happy.

Of the many ingredients that go into nurturing a strong parent-child relationship, Bramble is focusing on one very special one: communication.

We’re peeling back the complex layers of child development, parent-child relationships, and parent-child communication to deliver an app to you that starts with conversations about emotions.

We’re starting at the very beginning – some say it’s a very good place to start.

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