Happy Father's Day!

June 18, 2020

This January in Bramble HQ, a fantastic conversation took place between a Dad and his son about building a world in Minecraft.

Wait, Minecraft? I don’t need my kids playing more computer games! We hear you – this is a common concern we’ve heard from parents, this Dad included. That’s why it was to our great surprise that instead of a scolding or a lecture about screen time, the conversation turned into an imaginative and connected exchange.

This is how they dreamt up their world…

They talked about defeating zombies and skeletons.

“Should we invite our friends?”  

“We can team up to win the game!”

They fantasised about constructing fortresses and designing obstacles.

“Can you help me build the arena?”

“They’ll have to avoid the blocks to escape…”

They came up with a plan.

“Thank you for telling me what makes this exciting for you and how Daddy can help.”

At first glance, this 20-minute conversation might seem like a silly or meaningless chat about a computer game, but we realise that it’s much more than that! This is a story of a Dad showing through his actions, and not only his words, that what is important to his kids is important to him too.  

Every father and family is unique. This Sunday, we celebrate all father figures in our lives, from the Dads and Grandpas who raised us, to the mentors and role models who have taught, encouraged, and inspired us.

What does your partner or father do that you appreciate? Today’s the day to let them know.

From everyone at Bramble to all the awesome fathers and father figures out there: Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for literally, digitally, and figuratively building our worlds.

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