Getting Ready for the Lunar New Year!

February 5, 2021

We’re just 1 week away from the Lunar New Year!

Traditionally, this is a season of being together. From gathering over delicious reunion dinners, to visiting the homes of relatives and friends, the spirit of Chinese New Year is usually captured in the bustle of bai nian routes and yu sheng tosses.

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This year, however, is looking quite different. With the rules and regulations put in place, many of us will be having a much slower and quieter festive season. In this post, we wanted to give you 3 simple tips to approaching the upcoming holiday together with your kids!

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Let’s face it: wearing masks while you lo hei is strange! Not being able to reunite with overseas relatives is challenging. Even though your children may be young and have less years of tradition under their belts, they can feel the difference too. And if they experience it and witness it, it’s worth naming and acknowledging!

Just because there’s “nothing you can do” about the new guidelines, it doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about what they mean for your family.

Neither assume that your kids simply wouldn’t understand, nor take it for granted that since they do understand, it’s not worth talking about.

It helps children feel more secure when they have clear expectations of what’s going to happen. Having a conversation about what Lunar New Year will be like lets them know that even though things will be different, you’re navigating those changes together.

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Of course, discussing this year’s unique CNY will involve more than just understanding the rules and adjusting your schedules. It also creates an opportunity to share about how you feel!

Start by asking yourself: how do you feel? What will you miss most about your family gatherings? Perhaps you’re disappointed, or not-so-secretly relieved?

Then, encourage your kids to share about their feelings too! Be curious: what makes them excited? What do they find boring? Are there family traditions they love, or others they dread?

Affirming your children’s feelings doesn’t mean bending over backwards to please them! This is about helping them name their invisible emotions, and letting them know that they are seen and accepted.  

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Last but not least, leave some room for dreaming!

Indulging in your child’s wishes using your own imagination is a wonderful way to show them understanding and empathy.

You’re validating their hopes and preferences by saying: Oh, how I wish your wildest dreams could come true! Even though I can’t make that happen, we can daydream together…

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Wishing you and your family a prosperous and healthy Lunar New Year!

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