Do you have 10 minutes to spare?

May 20, 2020

Do you have 10 minutes to spare?

10 minutes is all it takes to learn about Bramble’s Seeds and Weeds through our new programme for parents, Begin with Bramble.

Begin with Bramble is a 7-day programme, taking just 10 minutes daily to deliver bite-sized parenting and communication tips. We’ve distilled and simplified books and research for you, complete with real-life examples and reflections!

Our aim was to introduce parents to the building blocks of emotionally connected conversation, while keeping in mind that you are very busy people!

Here’s a preview of what you can expect in Begin with Bramble…

Weed: Judging, criticising, moralising feelings

Making statements or asking questions with judgement, or assigning moral value to your child’s feelings, thoughts, or actions without empathy.

This Weed occurs when your child's feelings become entangled with unacceptable behaviours, or undesirable character traits. You make statements or ask questions that moralise your child's feelings, making generalisations about their character based off of their emotional state.

Seed: Accepting and affirming feelings

Remembering that feelings and behaviour are not the same, you let your child know that their feelings are okay.

"It sounds like you're feeling ___. It's okay to feel ___, sometimes I feel that way too."

This Seed is simply about letting your child know that their feelings are valid, so that they can identify those feelings and come to terms with them. It involves acknowledging their feelings, and explicitly saying those feelings are accepted, even if their behaviour isn't.

If you find yourself thinking, "I'm stating the obvious", you might just be doing it right. Let's take a look at some examples...

BWB day 4 table.png

Fill in the missing square: What could you say to accept and affirm the feelings of a child who feels envious of their sister?

Don't turn your child's feelings into shameful evidence that betrays their poor character. Remember that feelings aren't equal to behaviour, nor to values. Rather, accept and affirm your child's feelings, so they understand the difference between their own feelings and how they choose to express and regulate them.


If you’re interested in learning more about our 1-week programme, Begin with Bramble, email us at or Whatsapp us at 98669851!

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