Tired of every talk turning into a fight?

Find the right words with Bramble.

Bramble helps you and your child speak lovingly and productively about the things you usually need to nag them to do. We’ll help you find a win-win plan that actually works.

The world's first guided conversation app for parents and children

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How it works

1. Tell us about your needs

Before your conversation, fill out a quick survey that helps us tailor your experience to your parenting habits, preferences, and goals.

2. Follow the prompts

Have a conversation with your child, but with helping words, questions, and prompts at your fingertips. Bramble uses machine learning to recommend exactly what you need.

3. Come up with a plan

Collaborate with your child to come up with a plan that actually works for both of you. Let Bramble step you through problem-solving processes designed by experts in the field.

What families are saying about Bramble

“We were able to express ourselves and listen to each other even when emotions ran high. This helped us understand each other and ourselves better.”
Lucas & Vivianne's Mummy
“With Bramble, I found it way easier to express my emotions. We take turns, so we won’t have any interruptions. We get to speak all the words we can speak.”
Lucas, 10 years old
“Bramble has helped me redirect my conversations with my kids... It allows me to step away from instinctive preaching or scolding.”
Megan Lim,
working mom
“My daughter is gaining trust and confidence through the use of Bramble!”
Mother of a hurt child

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